The roots of the Council of Sex Education and Parenthood (International), (CSEPI) hereafter mentioned as the Council is embedded in the Family Planning Association of India (FPAI). The then President Dr. (Mrs.) Avabai Wadia  a woman of great foresight and vision, agreed to a suggestion by Dr. Mahinder Watsa who was then a consultant for medical affairs FPAI to strengthen the sexual health services in the FPAI programmes and particularly to introduce programmes in human sexuality, sexual counseling for adolescents, youth, newly married and others in the community.

In 1974, sex was taboo and it was scandalous to talk about it so it was not an easy decision for the President to take and to convince her office bearers as some of whom felt that what was suggested was pornography. Mrs. Wadia after their approval forwarded a plan to introduce human sexuality in the programmes of FPAI to the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). It was enthusiastically approved and even offered to send experts and also to finance a five day residential program at the Tata Management Center Pune, a first ever residential programme to be held in South Asia. Twenty five carefully selected persons including a senior member of the FPAI with the authority to approve or disapprove were chosen among them also were the future trustees of CSEP(I). It was very favorable report of the meet and started the first ethical human sexuality program in India in 1977. Over the years specialists from the IPPF, WHO and other International and National agencies visited and generated interest in sexual health.

In the late 80s during the second visit of Dr. Patricia Schiller, then Founder President of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) discussed with Dr. Watsa and the President of FPAI on the importance of including parents in the adolescent health programme.  Her help was sought to start a similar Council.

Dr. Watsa as a convener arranged a meeting of seven senior consultants –  Dr. R.H. Dastur, Dr. C. L. Jhaveri, Mrs. Sarla Mukhi, Dr. Esther Dubey, Dr. Vithal Prabhu, Dr. Raj Brahmbhatt, where it was decided to form the International Council of Sex Education and Parenthood- ICSEP [later known as Council of Sex Education and Parenthood (International)] which with the wise advice of Dr. Patricia agreed to affiliate the Council to the International Council of Sex Education and Parenthood  in Washington D.C. which was headed by her and had members from all parts of the world. Currently CSEPI is affiliated to the World Association for Sexual Health. 

The Council was founded and registered at the Public Trusts Registration Office in March 1982 and the first National Conference was held in the same year at Mumbai. Due to Government regulations the International Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International was rechristened as Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International in 1991.

Over the years CSEPI has become the foremost Sexual Health Organization in India. Currently (2014) it has 600 fellows and members. It also has an all India presence and is financially very stable thanks to the generous donations by the well wishers, including the trust of the late Avabai B. Wadia.

True to it’s mission Council conducts National Conferences every year to train and update health care professionals in the domain of Human Sexuality. Thereby the Council strives to promote Sexual Health of the general populace. Various International faculties were invited to cater to the needs of Indian professionals. [Patricia Schiller, Shirley Zussman, John Money, Barry McCarthy, Janet Wolfe, June Reinisch, Leonard Rosenblum, Leonore Tiefer, Brunhild Kring, Hani Miletski, Mark Schwartz, Susan Lee (all from USA); John Bancroft, Douglas Hooper, Richard Green (UK), Milton Diamond (Hawaii); Alessandra Graziottini (Italy); L.J.G. Gooren (Netherlands); Emil Ng (Hong Kong); Ganesan Adaikan (Singapore); Nikorn Dusitsin, Palarp Sinhaseni (Thailand); Jane Keany, Margaret Redelman (Australia)] are some of the distinguished faculties.

As on today the Council had organized 29 National Conferences of Sexology and the 30th National Conference of Sexology is scheduled to take place at Navi Mumbai in August 2014 (visit